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German Masters Sale 2020, different format, great success!

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the format of the German Masters Sale was different than usual, but the quality of the sale line up was as you can expect from a German Masters Sale.

Most of the sale lots were present at the Auktionshalle of the RUW in Fließem, where visitors had the opportunity to view the sale animals and including a presentation of the sale heifers in the Auktionsring. The rest of the sale took place through internet on the Eurogenes Online Sale platform. Thousands of online visitors created a huge online crowd with a very lively bid activity right from the start of the sale.

A clearance rate of >90% of the lots sold for an average price of € 5.625 on the live lots and 59 embryos sold with prices up to € 1.000 per embryo. Lots sold to buyers from 12 different countries.

A beautiful daughter of Mr. Frazzled Aristocrat topped the German Masters Sale 2020 for € 25.250, the #1 GTPI calf to be sold so far in Europe in 2020 in a public auction. She is a descendent of the Lylehaven Lila Z cow family.

2nd highest seller for € 22.500 was NH GL Soraya Red, a R&W Ronald with GTPI +2726 / RZG 157 (RZE 135) out of Elitestreet Apprentice Spirit Red, this heifer is the full sister of one of the most exciting young R&W sires in the World, Gen NH Spirit Red!

One of the greatest daughters of Apple ever sold in a public auction was purchased by Edi Linder from Germany for € 15.000, Jones La Brasserie Apple Red!

NH GL DG Aristo Bayla
€ 25.250
Diamond Genetics (NL)
Aristocrat x Aardema Sunset Beauty
NH GL Soraya Red
€ 22.500
Eur.Livestock Service (DE)
Ronald x Elitestreet Apprentice Spirit Red
Jones La Brasserie Apple Red
€ 15.000
Eduard Linder (DE)
Warrior x KHW Regiment Apple Red
1st Choice Female
€ 13.500
Crystalclear Holsteins (UK)
Unix / Select x Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn
Gen NH Barista
€ 13.000
Diamond Genetics (NL)
Aristocrat x Aardema Sunset Beauty
Mattenhof Goldwyn Heidi
€ 12.000
Alistar Shiry (UK)
Goldwyn x Du Rahun Chelios Heline
NH GL Soraya *RC
€ 10.750
Diamond Genetics (NL)
Ronald x Elitestreet Apprentice Spirit Red
Meyer Bianca PP Red
€ 10.750
Philippe Arnold (Lux)
Solitair P x Brigitta PP RC
MS Altitude Sunday Red
€ 10.500
Willsbro Holstein (UK)
Altitude x Milksource LD Shania Red
Arethusa Valeria
€ 9.600
Arnold & Wirtz (Lux)
Gentry x Arethusa Response Vivid
Toi Toi BC Unix La Bella *RC
€ 9.400
EARL Schwartz (FR)
Unix x Garay Awesome Beauty
Milksource Goldwyn Treasure
€ 8.200
Victor Jackson (IE)
Goldwyn x Strans-Jen-D Tequila Red
UPS Adeena Red
€ 8.000
Willsbro Holstein (UK)
Appleway *RC x Ups K&L Adeena RC
Wilt Elise
€ 7.000
John O Connor (IE)
Crushtime x Wil Emy
Golden-Oaks Ham Tangfastic
€ 6.800
Willsbro Holstein (UK)
Altitude x Miss Pottsdale DFI Tang-Red
HAM Acapella Red
€ 6.500
Hannes Oberli (CH)
Unstopabull x Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite
Luck-E Arcana Red
€ 6.400
Azienda Agricola(IT)
Altitude x Luck-E McGucci Afro
NH GL Sydney Red
€ 6.400
Thomas Gerber (CH)
Ronald x Elitestreet Apprentice Spirit Red
L-Maples ZB Cleo Red
€ 6.400
Gareth O'Brien (IE)
Altitude x L-Maples Hvezda Calli-Red
NH Arvis Princy *RC
€ 6.000
Tom Leonardy (Lux)
Arvis x NH Macalese Princess
Budjon Ham Francesca
€ 6.000
Wiethege Holsteins (DE)
Crushabull x Lingle Gold Freaky Girl
SfH Alizee Pp Red
€ 6.000
Diamond Genetics (NL)
Solitair P x SfH Alcantra
Indianhead Goldwyn Paradise
€ 6.000
Ghini s.r.l. (IT)
Goldwyn x Indianhead Ddee Penelopee
MS Grace Kelly P RC
€ 5.800
Kai Schramm (DE)
Mirand x Mattenhof Unix Gaiana