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#17 — De Oosterhof Evelien 1

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  • UNIQUE JERSEY from the famous POLLED branch of Evita Pp EX-91-DE EX-93-MS
  • Dam is sister to the popular bulls SOL PP @ RUW and CRYSTAL P @ Masterrind
  • Different sire stack: AltaGiannis (A2A2) x Lemonhead (A2A2) x Miro-P

    AltaGiannis (A2A2) x Lemonhead x As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-MS (s. Miro-P) x Evita *P EX-91-DE EX-93-MS (s. Brendon) x VG-87-DE

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Sire: JX Faria Brothers ALTAGIANNIS
Dam: RC Evalien ET // Fresh Lemonhead dtr of As Evett *PO EX-90-DE

De Oosterhof Evelien 1

(AltaGiannis x Lemonhead x Miro P)

AltaGiannis from sister to Crystal P & Sol PP

  • As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-MS
  • As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-MS
  • As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-MS
  • 3rd dam: Evita EX-91-DE
  • 3rd dam: Evita EX-91-DE
  • Brother to dam: Crystal P @ Masterrind
  • Brother to dam: Sol PP @ RUW
  • Sister to grand dam: Rose Evy *PP

Reg No.



January 7, 2020


  • Fancy AltaGiannis JERSEY from the sister to the bulls Sol PP @ RUW & Crystal P @ Masterrind
  • Unique sire stack for JERSEY: AltaGiannis x Lemonhead x Miro P x Brendon x Medal
  • 3rd dam was 2nd in her class at the National German Jersey Show '12
  • Possible A2A2 JERSEY!!
  • Great family with high production, show successes and many bulls in A.I.


  • JX Faria Brothers ALTAGIANNIS
  • RC Evalien ET
  • Just fresh!
  • Steinhausers Samson Lemonhead
  • As Evett *PO EX-90-DE EX-90-MS
  • La1 305d 18,662lbM 4.7% 875F 4.0% 739P
  • 3/2La 305d 20,730lbM 4.7% 985F 3.8% 798P
  • HL2 305d 22,915lbM 4.8% 1,096F 3.7% 858P
  • Unique polled Jersey brood cow!
  • 4.0% Protein!!
  • >10.000kgM in her second lactation!!
  • Evita Pp EX-91-DE EX-93-MS
  • 8/7La 305d 13,834lbM 4.7% 646F 3.7% 516P
  • HL6 305d 18,834lbM 4.7% 886F 3.6% 686P
  • Production made on an organic (BIO) farm
  • 2nd German National Jersey Show '12

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