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Lot 21. 3 embryos: Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP *RC x Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite VG-87-NL 3yr.

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3 embryos.
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These MIRAND PP *RC embryos are about as close to the real deal as they come!! Create an unbelievable maternal sister to the reigning German National Champion: ALESSJA!! Dam was top 5 placed 2-Yr Old at Swiss Expo 2016. Straight out of the heart of Luck-E Holsteins, USA.

Sire: Coomboona Zipit MIRAND PP *RC | One of the HOTTEST type sires in the breed, super complete: +985 Milk / 2.65 PTAT
Dam: Luck-E Redburst Aphrodite-Red VG-87-NL 3yr. | Dam to: LOH TJ Alessja VG-89-DE EX-MS - Grand Champion GDS 2019
Freezing method
ET - Grade A (one embryo) &a