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Lot 32. #3 FEMALE embryos: Riverdown UNSTOPABULL-RED x FG KOE Lady Delilah *RC

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3 embryos.
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Lot description

FEMALE Riverdown UNSTOPABULL-RED embryos from the RED CARRIER King Doc grand daughter of the legendary Lady Gaga EX-97-DE EX-98 mammary system!! The show cow with an unrivalled victory list with winning 2x National Champion, classwin- ner at European Show, Swiss Expo and much more!

Sold for the BUY NOW price / Verkocht voor de KOOP NU prijs

Sire: FEMALE Riverdown UNSTOPABULL-RED // The Red and White TYPE sire of the moment // +2.67 PTAT // +0.5 DPR
Dam: FG KOE Lady Delilah *RC | King Doc x VG-86 Ladd P-Red x LADY GAGA EX-97-DE
Freezing method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer