Eurogenes Auctions


Pictures and videos will be add until the start of the sale

Lot 1. NH Arvis Princy *RC VG-85-DE 2yr.

Lot 2. HAM Acapella Red

Lot 4. Luck-E Arcana Red

Lot 5. 1st Choice Female: Grohmann Cally-Red

Lot 5. 1st Choice Female: Grohmann Cate-Red
>> CLICK HERE << for a video of these two special heifers.

Lot 7. Jones La Brasserie Apple Red
>> CLICK HERE << for a video of her.

Lot 8. FG Applestar Red

Lot 9. Arizona

Lot 11. HET Heztry Arabella

Lot 12. NH Unstopabull Alys Red

Lot 14. NH GL Soraya *RC

Lot 15. NH GL Soraya Red

Lot 16. NH GL Soraya Red

Lot 17. SfH Alizee Pp Red

Lot 20. Hobbies Pepsi VG-86-DE 2yr.

Lot 21. NH Jordy Intouc *RC

Lot 23. NH Atwood Zatia VG-86-DE 2yr.

Lot 24. THI Detroit

Lot 25. THI Casino P *RC

Lot 26. WIT Arino Bella *RC

Lot 27. WR Rosetta

Lot 28. Mattenhof Goldwyn Heidi

Lot 29. NH GPH Aristo Geneva

Lot 30. AM Paradise >> CLICK HERE << for her video

Lot 31. Hullcrest Denver Camelia >> CLICK HERE << for her video

Lot 36. Gen NH Barista

Lot 37. NH Evolution Einstein Sara

Lot 38. NH Adrianna

Lot 39. MS Altitude Sunday Red >> CLICK HERE << for her video

Lot 40. Willow-Edge HAM Care Red

Lot 41. NH Azzopardi Serena Red

Lot 42. NH DG Doc Sabine

Lot 43. ZB Larissa *RC

Lot 44. Ups Katrysha

Lot 45. Intense Nohl Kaethi

Lot 46. NH DG Zouza

Lot 49. Arethusa Valeria

Lot 51. MD-West-View Dragon

Lot 53. Budjon LB Amanda

Lot 54. HAM Amalia *RC

Lot 55. Indianhead Goldwyn Paradise

Lot 59. Milksource Goldwyn Treasure *RC

Lot 60. L-Maples ZB Cleo Red

Lot 61. KhW Goldi Red (VRC)

Lot 64. NH Huey Marilen

Lot 65. Beeze Oldleus Mai

Lot 66. NH Evolution Merry Me

Lot 67. NH Evolution Mylie

Lot 69. First Choice Female from Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn! >> CLICK HERE << for the video

Lot 70. Toi Toi BC Unix La Bella *RC

Lot 72. SH Calina Red

Lot 73. NH Achilles Demy Red

Lot 74. GHO Zelda >> CLICK HERE << for a video

Lot 75. MS Harlequin *RC

Lot 76. WIT Dua Lipa

Lot 77. Roccafarm Joel Ruby

Lot 78. Etsuko HB A (WAGYU)

Lot 80. Meyer Bianca PP Red

Lot 82. Ups Adeena Red

Lot 83. SHG Avalanche Luini *RC

Lot 85. FG Madlen Red

Lot 87. Borderview HAM Heline

Lot 88. Wilt Elise

Lot 89. Westcoast Solomon Golden Liberty

Lot 90. JK Eder DG Emily

Lot 95. NH Doorman Jill

Lot 97. ViG Abigail

Lot 100. HAM Infinity Red

Lot 102. Ms Grace Kelly P *RC